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  • JR Sicily
    • Sicily—Syracuse Harbor
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      Very clear at this point in the narrative is that the pace accelerates dramatically. They spend only three days in Syracuse and only one day in Rhegium before they hit the last lap through the Tyrrhenian Sea to the large grain port on the Italian coast in ancient Puteoli. Luke will be using the acceleration of narrative time to good advantage to make a point about Paul and God's will. Their first port of call after leaving Malta is a brief stop at Syracuse on the east side of Sicily. Syracuse has a famous history. Its most famous citizen was Archimedes, considered the greatest mathematician, engineer, and inventor of the ancient world, who lost his life about 212 BC in the siege and conquest of Syracuse by the Romans.
    • Sicily—Syracuse Theater
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      The theater at Syracuse is one of the oldest in the Greek world, the original structure dating back to the fifth century BC, and remodeled in the third century BC. Greek theaters are well known for their incredible acoustic properties. One literally can hear a person speaking in very soft tones to the upper rows. These theaters even are used to this day for presentations, performances, and recording. At the time of our visit, acoustical engineers were studying the acoustic properties of the ancient theater in Syracuse, probably in preparation for a special event that was going to be recorded.
    • Sicily—Taormina Theater
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      Taormina is a tourist mecca tucked away into the shoreline mountains of east Sicily between Syracuse and Messina. The area had had strong rain storms just before we visited, so the stunning vista of the deep blue sea from the top of the ancient theater perched dramatically on the edge of the mountain was sacrificed. At the same time, the panorama of the Sicilian shoreline still was breath-taking. The sun did peek out momentarily before disappearing behind more dark and threatening clouds.
    • Sicily—Taormina Hotel
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      Our stay included accommodations at a delightful hotel that itself had wonderful views of the Sicilian shoreline, as well as great service. We watched the cable car service taking riders down to the beach resort area from the top of the mountain.