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  • 3MJ Macedonia
    • 3MJ Macedonia—Loss of Ephesian Base and 2 Corinthians
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      Paul’s ministry is in dire straights. After three eminently successful years, his Ephesian mission has collapsed suddenly, unexpectedly, and catastrophically. He was forced out of town by the silversmiths’ riot. At the same time, he is in the fight of his life to save his own Corinthian church from the hubris and destructive ways of the “super-apostles” who have cast aspersion on his mission, his motives, and his authority (2 Cor. 11:5). He has lost Ephesus, and he is losing Corinth. His last hope for Corinth has been a “harsh letter” sent by his trusted and stalwart associate, Titus. He was to hear back from Titus in Ephesus, but now Paul has been forced out of Ephesus. Paul wanders through Troas and then into Macedonia trying to meet up with Titus returning with news from his mission to Corinth. The image to the left shows 2 Cor. 11:33–12:9 from the Greek manuscript 46.